What Our
Students say

Having spent the last 12 and a half years at TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg, I’ve encountered an abundance of distinct and memorable experiences. Growing alongside my peers and teachers, I’ve gained invaluable insights and knowledge. I’ve cultivated profound friendships and learned various skills, all while engaging with a distinctive educational approach that has expanded our perspectives beyond traditional textbooks. I’ve truly matured in an environment that fosters limitless learning, and I’m optimistic about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Zoha Hashim Rao

Year 10 - TNS Gulberg

A supportive, inclusive, and distinctive learning environment is what I had been looking for, and I am glad that I found it here at TNS. The opportunities and resources that are assembled here, allowed me to challenge myself, by taking initiative, enabling creativity, and expanding my community project. And of course, none of these would have been possible without the tireless effort and support of my mentors and teachers who are truly inclusive and caring. My time at TNS made me a brighter student who is prepared for the journeys ahead

Chen Ziyang


TNS is known for its excellent IB program, facilities, and teachers. However, during my time at TNS, it has grown to be my second family. Students form close bonds with their peers and facilitators and have the opportunity to learn in such a unique, supportive environment. The school teaches so many essential life skills, from time management to communication, and I am so grateful to be a part of its ever-growing community.

Dina Hamid

Year 9 -TNS Gulberg

What Parents

My daughter Evania has been a part of LSPD at TNS gulberg since 10 years, and in the past decade I have watched her grow into her own person without losing the traits that make her special. This is what sets the LSPD at TNS Gulberg apart, they believe in celebrating each child’s diversity, offering a holistic experience for each Individual as per their needs. Inclusion and acceptance is their strongest suit for which I’m grateful as a parent.

Mahera Vasay

To all the parents who are looking for a safe learning space for their individual to grow and flourish under a nurturing umbrella TNS Is an institution you should opt for i would highly recommend this school .teachers will give their undivided time to make sure that any difference or challenge Your child is facing accepted, and an effort is made for them to progress where, as in our society where our extraordinary children are questioned and frowned upon this space encourages them to grow and bring out the best of them.

Mehreen Raheal

We always wanted for our first child the best care. As a mother I made sure that i did everything sorted in person for my first child. So, when it came to Schooling, we wanted the best for her. The day my child got admission we could tell it`s going to be one great ride together as TNS has a strong bond with the parents. That makes TNS so unique and stand out in the world of knowledge and power which comes with experience of learning the best. I feel my children are way more confident and well managed.

Maria Hussain

Kids in Grade 5, Grade 3 & KG

Having seen IB abroad, we knew we wanted our daughter in the best school for IB. And upon our first visit and with so many references, TNS was the obvious choice. But what really surprised us (pleasantly) was the school experience at TNS. At TNS, we feel part of a family, we feel the teachers and administrators really care about us and our child. Not only are we happy with the education and exposure our daughter gets at TNS, but we are also elated by every little detail that Team TNS puts together for the education experience.

Hina Ali Imran

I am thrilled to share how wonderful the journey has been with TNS since my children started in nursery. The strong attachment we’ve developed with the school over the years is truly heartwarming. Seeing how happy and enthusiastic my kids are about going to school every day is a testament to the nurturing environment and exceptional education they receive. We’re grateful for the caring teachers, supportive staff, and the positive atmosphere that has contributed to their growth and happiness. This school has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping their early years, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience.

Sehr Latif

TNS has been a remarkable journey for my two kids studying here. It is surely the best IB school in the country for its free learning and free-thinking philosophy. They teach students to think for themselves, be independent learners and they impart 21st century skills in a very sustained manner.

Taimur Bandey