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11th August
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13th August
Independence Day
14th August
Orientation week for new students
18th August
School reopens for all classes
25th August
Orientation Nursery - DP1
Last date for submission of Holiday Homework

The students, parents and teachers of TNS Beaconhouse, went on a weekend camping trip organized by Adventure Travel Pakistan to Khanpur Lake near Taxila an ancient city of Pakistan. The group of 110 + travelers travelled together to the campsite situated next to Khanpur Lake. This was not only a great teambuilding opportunity for Year 5 who were given the project for surviving through different situations but also a rare chance to get to know parents, students, peers & friends; not only this it was a great chance to make new friends & getting to know the other person. Everyone enjoyed breakfasts and lunches by the serene water in the day and dinners by the bonfire at night. The participants jumped off 20 and 50 feet cliffs into the cool water of the Khanpur Lake.

Campers hiked to Mohra Morado, a Buddhist temple, and geared up to go night caving – a strenuous yet fun activity, full of learning opportunities. The children saw thousands of bats in their natural habitat and were fascinated – granted they all thought they were Batman when they emerged.

Not only this, students had a chance to learn different scouting activities such as tenting, knotting, learning to BBQ, boating, jet skiing to name a few."

It was a great activity for TNS students & a great way to end their project, “Survival of the fittest.”

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