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Teachers rejoin after summer vacation
11th August
CIE Results - O/A Level
13th August
Independence Day
14th August
Orientation week for new students
18th August
School reopens for all classes
25th August
Orientation Nursery - DP1
Last date for submission of Holiday Homework

Children learn best when they are left to explore and discover; allowed to ask questions and seek answers through guided inquiry. The PBL approach builds on problem-solving, communication, questioning, student interaction and most importantly their natural curiosity. It puts students at the helm of the learning process. It engages and sustains their interest and ensures a deeper understanding of a given domain. So, instead of learning a set of pre-determined and decontextualized information, students will acquire knowledge and skills that build upon their own experiences. The learning through PBL extends beyond the classroom to every student’s home, community, nation and eventually the world. Students are active participants of their learning shaping their own world. The process allows students to continuously reflect on their learning and improve on their experiences. PBL ties in well with the overarching philosophy of Reggio Emilia and the shared principles of learning by doing. PBL maintains the balance for students to understand and learn real life skills which create the basis for their preparation for a rigorous IB programme. The transition is much smoother and students are well-prepared for the MYP personal project at an earlier stage.

Learning curriculum through project not only helps them remember the information, but they also understand how to apply it to other situations, building a lifelong habit of learning and acquiring vital workplace skills.

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